Operator Answering Service


Operator Answering Service


Live operator answering service is a viable and affordable service that your customers and clients can use to connect with your company. Modern telecommunications technology allows professionals to do business virtually anywhere. More and more companies are realizing the value that a live operator answering service can bring to their business. Hiring a live operator answering service makes sure that your calls are always answered by a person representing your business’ best interests.

Operator Answering Service brings live, personalized operator answering service, call center and customer service back to business telecommunications. Founded in 1969, Operator Answering Service in live operator answering service for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Hundreds of companies rely on Operator Answering Service to:


An operator answering service does more than just record telephone messages for their clients. More and more businesses are choosing to use a live operator answering service to capably handle and dispatch all of their incoming telephone calls. Live operator answering service has long been a mainstay of doctors, attorneys and other professional offices. These professionals rely on an operator answering service to route their messages and dispatch emergency calls during the times that their offices are generally closed. A live operator answering service actually is busier during normal daytime business hours, handling call center and incoming switchboard duties for hundreds of companies, on a full-time or overflow basis. 

Operator Answering Service wants to give businesses a wide range of choices in receiving their incoming telephone calls and messages. Businesses choose to hire a live operator answering service coupled with or instead of voice mail for several reasons. A live operator answering service provides callers with personal contact. Customers tend to react more positively to their customer service experience when a human being answers their calls and their questions, even if the end result of live telephone contact is a simple message. A live operator answering service assures your callers that their calls are important and that their messages will be delivered, received and acted upon. Live operator answering service makes a more personal impression on your customers and clients than using only voicemail systems. Since live operator answering service will professionally act as your virtual telephone receptionist, it gives callers an impression of excellent organization, efficiency and growth. Live operator answering service enhances your brand profile. Live operator answering service can provide a complete customer service and call center solution for your business, giving your customers a convenient method to place product orders, inquire about order and account status information, and leave messages for account and technical support.

A live operator answering service can be your central office, while you work from anywhere in the world. Operator Answering Service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We are available to provide your callers with excellence in around-the-clock customer care.

When you register with us for a live operator answering service account, your customer service representative will ask you a series of in-depth questions about your business’ purpose, customer service and telephone answering processes, and about the types of incoming calls that you anticipate receiving. Operator Answering Service customer service representatives will create a customized answering service script for your account and coordinate your incoming call databases for each of your projects. We will do our best to create reliable, affordable and dependable operator answering service solution for your business.

Are you ready to streamline your customer interactions, accomplish more and provide better customer service for your callers? Contact Operator Answering Service today to speak with an enrollment representative who will be able to answer your questions about operator answering service.

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